Since 1994, Orthotic Solutions, Inc. had been a provider of diabetic shoes, high-quality pre-fabricated orthotics, and braces for the knee and back. All items were billed to insurance.

Unfortunately, Orthotic Solutions is now closed and no longer bills any item to insurance; however, I am now working with Quantum Medical and they DO bill your shoes and inserts to insurance!

All patients are seen by appointment only. No walk-in’s are allowed.

Personalized service with an experienced professional are guaranteed.

I also consult with non-diabetics with lymphedema, bunions, hammertoes, swelling and other foot conditions who have a hard time finding a shoe or sneaker that will fit comfortably. I offer sizes up to 17 and widths up to 14E! This is my specialty! This would not be billable to insurance, however. Just Diabetes is covered by insurance!

The office has MANY samples to see, feel and try on. I also have an abundance of shoes for immediate sale (for cheap) if there happens to be any which fit!

I carry an array of pre-fabricated inserts. Should a patient need Custom inserts, a foot impression would be taken. People can order just one or 2 pairs of custom inserts or as most do, three pairs.

In an out of pocket situation, most commonly, I will have the shoes and inserts drop-shipped to the patients home to avoid a second trip back to the office. If there is a problem with the fit, then the patient can come back or we can try to resolve the issue via mail and re-order.


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