Why Orthopedic Shoes Are So Special:

  • Orthopedic shoes are extra deep to accommodate special insoles or orthotics.
  • They have a built in firm heel counter to provide medial and lateral rear foot stability.
  • The toe box of the shoe is higher so there is plenty of room for toes (even ones that like to stick up like hammertoes).
  • There is little to no stitching on the inside of an orthopedic shoe. The stitching is on the outside. Sometimes even the smallest prominence can irritate and cause skin breakdown- especially in a diabetic foot.
  • The collar around the ankle of the shoe is padded. The tongue of an orthopedic shoe is thick and padded to help secure the foot back in the shoe.
  • The end of the toe box of the shoe is protective to keep toes from being hurt when stubbed.
  • Orthopedic shoes have a non-skid sole to prevent falls.
  • They are specially fitted by measuring the length and width of your foot.
  • They can also equipped with a special multi-density insoles that prevents back and forth movement (also known as sheering) of the foot in the shoe. An orthopedic shoe isn’t really an orthopedic shoe without this insole.

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