We provide the highest quality of care and orthotics to enable you to overcome challenges and live your best life.

Orthotic Solutions, Inc. is an experienced provider of “geriatric-proof”, simple-to-apply Orthotics, splints and braces for the lower extremities for the use of pain management, support, stability and strengthening.

We strive to give the best service by using our skills and knowledge to achieve the best outcomes for all of our clients. Each orthotic is prefabricated and then custom fitted. Many devices are available for immediate fitting.

With over 25 years of experience, Orthotic Solutions, Inc. has specifically chosen each orthotic of its type based on several factors:

Exceptional padding – “Geriatric-proof” and safe for the frailest of skin integrity

User-friendliness – offers the best chance of carry-over and care-giver compliance

Comfort – increases patient compliance

Contracture management – most effective for increasing range of motion and improving proper positioning

Ability to customize – many sizes to start with; some are bendable, some are heat moldable; many adjustments built within

Reliability of the manufacturer – product availability, consistency, desire to make improvements

Also available is your choice of suspension sleeves.
These are great for additional skin protection!

OrthoPro Guardian Sport Rehabilitator


Ideal for ACL, MCL, LCL ligament injury / surgery rehabilitation; Mild to Moderate Knee OA and TKA PREHABILITATON


  • Increases quadriceps and hamstring strength
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Provides superior support, comfort and stability
  • Reduces Pain and inflammation
  • Increases leg extension
  • Treat chronic knee pain and weakness

ACL, MCL, LCL ligament injury / surgery rehabilitation that provides medial, lateral, and rotational support of the knee joint while accelerating recovery by up to 50%.

  • Polycentric ROM hinges can be used to control knee flexion / extension as needed. Pneumatic air bladder system provides excellent support of the knee joint. Air bladder knee compression assists in controlling knee pain and inflammation. Swing assist eliminates quadriceps avoidance gait and strengthens that quadriceps muscles during gait to accelerate recovery. Post injury/ surgery recovery can be accelerated by as much as 50%

Mild to Moderate Knee OA

  • The Sport Rehabilitator is the preferred unloader brace for the more active patients. With air bladders on each side of the knee joint, the patient MUST always inflate the unloading air bladder first and then inflate the second air bladder to provide optimal unloading and protection of the knee joint


  • Provides gait correcting, leg strengthening rehabilitative therapy to prehabilitate a weakened OA leg prior to Total Knee Replacement (TKA) surgery. When applied several weeks prior to TKA, the weakened OA leg can be significantly strengthened and gait can be normalized prior to the surgery to accelerate recovery and improve overall patient outcomes. Post surgically, the brace is used to manage pain and inflammation and to eliminate quadriceps avoidance gait to accelerate recovery.

Gait correcting, leg strengthening, ambulating Rehabilitator therapy is clinically proven to accelerate recovery from knee injury / surgery or to strengthen a weakened leg. The pneumatic air bladders on both sides of the knee joint provide excellent medial, lateral, and rotational control of the knee. When inflated, the air bladders provide therapeutic compression at the knee to reduce or eliminate knee pain and to effectively manage knee joint inflammation. The active swing assist eliminates quadriceps avoidance gait, increasing quadriceps firing to significantly increase quad strength over time. The gait correcting, leg strengthening Sport Rehabilitator can accelerate recovery post injury / surgery by up to 50%.

The Sport Rehabilitator uses pneumatic control of the knee joint allowing the brace to be significantly lower profile than competitive ligament braces. The 11-inch-long Sport Rehabilitator has a semi-rigid frame and a rotating anterior thigh cuff. The lower profile design combined with the flexible frame and air bladder system provides superior comfort and brace migration control.

For Total Knee Replacement prehabilitation, the Sport Rehabilitator is provided 4 to 12 weeks prior to surgery to strengthen the weakened OA leg and normalize gait prior to the surgery. Case studies demonstrate superior leg strength after 6 weeks of Sport Rehabilitator use compared to 6 weeks of home exercise or physical therapy prior to TKA surgery. Optimal leg strengthening pre-surgery should include Rehabilitator use as well as home exercise or physical therapy. Post surgically, the Rehabilitator is used to manage knee pain, control inflammation, and eliminate quadriceps avoidance gait to strengthen the leg post surgically. The gait correcting, leg strengthening Rehabilitator accelerates recovery post TKA and significantly improves patient outcomes by enhancing leg strengthening and normalizing gait.

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OA PRO Decompression Knee Brace

DDS Introduces its 3rd generation OA Knee Brace. It’s slimmer, lighter and most effective compared to its predecessors. Its uniquely designed triangular LTS Hinge will help treat moderate to severe osteoarthritis by reducing the load on both the medial and lateral compartments in the knee joint, whereas standard braces only unload one. The innovative Anti-Migration Silicone Guard is also the first of its kind which prevents the brace from slipping.

  • Accepted by Medicare and most private health insurances.
  • Unloads both Medial & Lateral Compartments.
  • Universal fit for left or right knee.
  • Slim & Lightweight.
  • Innovative Anti-Migration Silicone Guard.
  • Drug free OA knee pain relief.

The posterior straps anchors on top of the calf and to the bottom of the hamstring. As the leg extends, the LTS Hinge gently pulls in the opposite directions, decompresses, and unloads the knee joint. This reduction of pressure supports and stabilizes the knee; eases pain and increases mobility.

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OrthoPro Stabilizer Knee


Orthotic therapy providing medial and lateral control of an injured or surgically repaired or weakened knee. ROM hinges allow controlled knee range of motion for patients requiring limitations in knee extension or flexion. The orthosis ROM hinge can be set in 15 degree steps to control both flexion and extension motion in the brace. Ideal for ambulating patients who require medial and lateral knee joint support during gait. The front wrap design of the neoprene knee brace support facilitates easy brace application.


  • Ambulation Support.
  • Front wrap closure.
  • ROM hinge allows range of motion from 0° – 105° of flexion.
  • Ability to be set for controlling hyperextension.
  • Bilateral supports provide medial/lateral stability and protection.
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OrthoPro HyperEx Knee Orthosis



Ideal for effective management of genu recurvatum (knee hyperextension) during gait. A strategically placed adjustable pneumatic air bladder placed behind the hyperextension control strap significantly improves comfort and enhances gait while controlling genu recurvatum. There are no hinges in the brace design. The 10-inch-long brace allows for sitting and walking while wearing the brace. There are two anterior straps to hold the brace in place. Extremely lightweight and comfortable, the HyperExÔ Knee is a welcomed alternative to Swedish Cage Knee designs.

Orthotic therapy to effectively control genu recuvatum, hyperextension of the knee joint. A strategically placed adjustable pneumatic air bladder placed behind the knee joint is filled with enough air to prevent backwards movement of the knee joint during gait. The “rebound” off of the air bladder facilitates an improved gait by encouraging knee flexion following full extension.

While seated with the leg fully extended, the OrthoProÔ HyperExÔ Knee is applied to the patient’s leg. While still seated, air is inserted into the air bladder tube on the lateral upper end of the brace. Enough air should be inserted so that the knee becomes slightly flexed (5 to 10 degrees). As the patient walks, the genu recurvatum moment is stopped at neutral and the knee will rebound off the air bladder to initiate flexion of the knee joint. Gait should be significantly improved. Adjust the amount of air in the air bladder to patient comfort and the amount hyperextension control required to optimize gait.


  • Genu Recurvatum Control.
  • Adjustable air bladder incorporated behind hyperextension control.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Conforms to leg anatomy.
  • Will not migrate.
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Carbon Fiber AFO


Ideal carbon fiber AFO dynamic ankle / foot dorsi-assist and lower leg extension assist therapy for correcting foot drop and improving gait. The Elite AFO Rehabilitator has a unique flexible footplate design that provides a slight gait correcting upwards “pop” at toe off to facilitate hip and knee flexion and discourage hip circumduction in gait. The unique gait correcting actions of the Elite AFO Rehabilitator facilitate improvements in gait both braced and unbraced over time.

The Elite AFO Rehabilitator is a carbon fiber AFO with an anterior cuff and lateral strut. As the patient walks, ground reaction forces with improved heel strike activate forward momentum creating a dynamic ankle / foot dorsi assist at toe off to eliminate foot drop. The unique flexible foot plate design provides an upward “pop” at toe off to facilitate hip and knee flexion to reduce hip circumduction and improve gait biomechanics. The Elite AFO Rehabilitator is an ideal AFO for patients receiving gait training physical therapy, as the dynamic gait assist provided by the brace facilitates gait training therapy.

Many chronically poor ambulators currently using more rigid AFO’s may benefit from upgrading to the dynamic assist Elite AFO Rehabilitator. Patients should exhibit adequate ankle stability unbraced. Replacing a rigid AFO with the Elite AFO Rehabilitator can improve gait biomechanics and gait speed while reducing energy expenditure during gait.

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AliMed® Carbon Fiber Anterior Medial Struts

• Dynamic semi-flexible footplate
• Promotes natural gait pattern
• Enhances strength and stability to control torsion forces

AliMed® Carbon Fiber AFOs Lighter, thinner, and stronger than traditional plastic AFOs, AliMed’s Carbon Fiber AFOs are the ideal choice to help manage footdrop, provide stability at midstance, and propel the patient through the gait cycle—all without sacrificing comfort or appearance. No contact in critical pressure point areas; this, along with reduced heat buildup, enhances overall comfort. The dynamic footplate and strut store and release energy to assist patient through the gait cycle, adding strength with structurally reinforced high-stress areas. Footplates have 10- 15° of forefoot lift beginning around the metatarsal heads, yet still allow foot orthotics to be placed over it. Open heel design helps eliminate pressure sores.

Anterior Medial Struts spiral to the anterior and feature flexible tibia bands to accommodate a range of calf circumferences. Used for patients who have lateral ankle instability or those that invert, supinate, or have varus. Choose from two models: One-piece with continuous strand does not excessively push out of the shoe; or tibia relief cutout provides relief at the tibia crest.

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Spiral AFO

Spiral AFO

  • Controls foot drop and improves foot placement.
    Facilitates gait rehabilitation.
  • Improves proprioception and encourages increased volitional use of leg muscles.
  • Accommodates plantar flexion.

Saga Ankle Brace

The Saga Ankle Brace is an ambidextrous, low-profile, lightweight support that prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion, and rotation while allowing natural, unrestricted dorsi and plantar- flexion. The combination of soft goods with a rigid foot plate and adjustable calf cuffs provide unsurpassed levels of control and support.

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SoftPro™ Static Knee Orthosis


Ideal for providing positioning therapy for mild to moderate (< 90 degrees) flexion contractures of the knee. Double upright with single setting hinges which are set to provide the desired extension of the knee. Soft, light, and comfortable, the SoftPro Static Knee is excellent for maintaining range of motion or providing progressive extension therapy.

Orthotic therapy to facilitate maintenance or rehabilitation of the knee in the treatment of joint stiffness or non-fixed adaptive tissue shortening contractures of the knee joint. A single setting double upright static brace that may be used to maintain end range or to incrementally restore range of motion through progressive extension stretching with frequent brace modification. The brace hinges can be set with 5 to 10 degrees of additional extension from comfortable passive end range to apply a gentle stretch on the shortened tissue. The strapping system allows the fitter to initiate the gentle progressive stretch of the knee as the knee cap is applied creating a gentle extension of the shortened tissue. By increasing wearing time to three to six hours per use, the Total End Range Time (TERT) of device wear allows the shortened tissue to lengthen over time. The hinges must be frequently modified to maintain a therapeutic stretch of the tissue as device wear continues.


  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position.
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy.
  • Non-ambulatory knee brace reverses tissue shortening.
  • Easily Adjustable single setting hinge.
  • KNEE PAD INCLUDED provides 3 point leverage.
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SoftPro HKO (Hip Knee Orthosis)

This orthosis is indicated for people who have severe hip/knee adduction and foam wedges or pillows are not being effective.

  • Adjustable center bar allows abduction of hips and knees 30 , 35 or 40 degrees.
    Controls rotation and supports legs to inhibit deformity.
  • Can be used in bed or in the wheelchair.
  • Spreader bar (pictured) can be removed and replaced with soft, single, inflatable air bladder, which allows abduction of zero to 20 degrees.

SoftPro In-Bed AFO


  • Provides Static Therapy for support, protection and positioning OR can be adjusted to provide Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy.
  • This innovative, NEW design has been developed to feature the following:
    No nuts, bolts & screws on the bottom, which protects the patient from potential skin abrasion.
  • New, non-skid bottom.
  • Non-ambulatory AFO treats ankle/foot contractures.
  • A completely covered hip rotation bar can be pulled out from the back to prevent internal or external hip rotation.
  • Covered toe guard protects the toes from pressure caused from sheets and linens.
  • Smooth, Kool-Wick lining with Bacti-Ban keeps covers cleaner and more odor resistant.
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SoftPro™ II In-Bed Ultra Smooth AFO


  • Static Therapy – Support, Protect and Position
  • Progressive Extension Stretch Therapy
  • Ultra Smooth fabric reduces sheer and friction
  • Effectively treats plantar flexion
  • Non-skid bottom for assisted transfers
  • Adjustable Dorsi Strap provides (optional) enhanced Dorsiflexion

Ideal dorsi stretch AFO for in-bed patients with skin integrity issues to treat mild to moderate plantarflexion (< 30 degree) contractures of the ankle / foot with no to mild inversion of the foot (<10 degree). Ultra Smooth fabric provides excellent pressure and shear protection of the skin during device wear. Extra padding is provided on the footplate. This recumbent device comfortably and safely reverses plantarflexion / inversion of the ankle foot with the use of a pull strap while suspending the heel during device wear.

Orthotic therapy for mild to moderate contracture of the ankle and foot. The AFO is made of a flexible material, and when combined with the adjustable pull strap, will provide a gentle dorsi-flexion stretch of the ankle / foot. Ideal for bedbound patients. An Ultra Smooth fabric is used adjacent to the skin to provide excellent pressure and shear protection while the device is worn. Extra padding is provided on the footplate of the device. An adjustable toe post protects the toes. Hip rotation bar can be used to treat internal / external rotation of the hip. The SoftPro™ In-Bed Ultra Smooth AFO has a non-skid pad sewn into the bottom of the AFO cover to facilitate transfers without having to remove the AFO.

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Posterior Night Splint


Designed to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and various other lower extremity injuries, the posterior night splint features an open design, keeping patients both cool and dry. The soft foam inner layer and padded straps enhance patient comfort while adjustable bi-lateral straps and removable wedge provide optimum dorsi-flexion for a consistent stretch.

• Adjustable dorsi-flexion strap
• Soft foam lining for patient comfort
• Fits left or right foot

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Padded Night Splint


The Comfort padded night splint is designed to prevent tears in the fibrous tissue that occur after a night of rest, breaking the nighttime/ morning pain cycle. Featuring more padding than most night splints, it is designed for optimum comfort and support, and comes with a removable wedge for a passive dorsi-flexion to help with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonitis
General heel painHighlights
More padding than traditional splints
Removable dorsi-flexion wedge
Fits left or right foot

More padding than traditional splints
Removable dorsi-flexion wedge
Fits left or right foot

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Questions & Answers

Will insurance cover my diabetic shoes?

Medicare, Mass Health and most insurances will cover one pair of diabetic shoes and 3 pairs of either pre-fab or custom inserts each year.

You MUST have diabetes and one or more foot conditions, such as thickened and hard to trim toenails, ingrown toenail/s, corn, callus, bunion, deformed or hammered toe. Other issues include peripheral neuropathy with callus formation, any amputation or any history of or current ulcer.

Diabetes and one of these conditions must be in your medical record.

We will work closely with your Podiatrist and/or the MD managing your diabetes (PCP or Endocrinologist) to obtain everything we need to get your shoes covered.

How often can I get diabetic shoes?

Medicare and most insurances start a new year January 1st. So if you were to get shoes, for example, March 17, 2020, you could get a new pair after 1/1/21.

Some insurances, including BC/BS and Mass Health, run date to date. So if your first pair was issued 3/17/20, you would not be able to get another pair until after 3/17/21.

OSI will always check your eligibility before issuing new shoes.

I am interested in getting a knee or a back brace. Will it be covered?

Unfortunately, if all you have is straight Mass Health, orthotics and braces would not be covered.

We do, however, accept all secondary MH plans such as Fallon, Tufts, etc.

Medicare and all other insurances that we accept will cover braces for the back and knee.

If you have had a similar brace billed to your current insurance in the past, there is a waiting period which needs to be met before receiving a new one.

For back braces, it is 5 years.

For knee braces, it is between 2-3 years, depending on the brace.

Documentation must be in your medical record within the previous 12 months describing why you would benefit from either a back or knee brace.

If you are in pain, we want to help you! But you may need to make an appointment with your PCP or Ortho to get your pain…and the reason for it, documented before we can help you with a brace.

Do you offer “trials”?

The Last thing we want is to provide a product and then, for whatever reason, not have it work out.

If either you or your fitter is uncertain a product will do what we want it to, we will allow a trial. Most people will know within a week if it will work or not. If successful, we will then submit it to billing. If not, your fitter will pick the item up in his/her travels.

What area do you cover?

Our office is located in Plymouth, MA; however, our seven fitters work from their homes. OSI covers the North and South Shores, Boston, Cape Cod, west to Attleboro and southeast to Swansea.

If you are not sure if you are in our coverage area, please send us a message.

Do you offer in-services on your products?

Absolutely! The fitter covering your area would be more than happy to schedule an in-service with you and your staff!

Do you offer shoe clinics?

Absolutely! We do shoe clinics all of the time…especially for COA’s, Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Housing. We can schedule clinics monthly, quarterly, etc.

What is the warranty for shoes?

We back up what we give our clients to the fullest. If a shoe is ill-fitting, we will work with you to make it right.

If a shoe rips or there is any defect, we will work with the manufacturer to get you a replacement. Some companies offer a 60 day warranty and others 6 months; however, we will do whatever we can to correct any defect.

Can I return my shoes?

It depends.

You should Never wear your shoes outdoors if there is any chance you think you will need to return them. If a shoe looks worn, it cannot be returned.

We also can not return shoes without the box, so Please! Hold onto the shoe box until you are 100% certain they will not have to be returned.

If a shoe is creating problems to your foot, we will work with you to make it right.

I want to get my next pair of shoes. What do I do?

Please call one of our patient coordinators at (774) 205-2278. They will verify all of your information is the same and send out for the necessary paperwork. Once that comes back, your fitter will reach out to you for an appointment.

Do I have to pay a deductible?

Some insurances have a deductible that must be paid before all other services are covered.

If you have a secondary insurance plan, sometimes that will pay it, but not always. It is best to find out if you have a deductible and if you are responsible for paying it prior to receiving services from OSI.

Will I have a co-payment?

Most people have a secondary insurance plan, such as Mass Health, that will cover any co-payment.

If you have a managed care plan, such as, but not limited to, BC/BS or Tufts, you may have to pay a co-payment for DME (Durable Medical Equipment). It is best to check with your insurance plan prior to receiving services from OSI.

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