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Orthotic Solutions, Inc. is unique and superior by offering shoes from more

manufacturers than 95% of our competitors.

Every foot is different and one brand does not fit all!



In May of 1993, Medicare's Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes Benefit took effect. The Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill (TSB) provides reimbursement for depth shoes and multi density inserts to qualifying patients with diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are over 20 million Americans with diabetes and this number continues to grow. Twenty-five percent of persons with diabetes develop foot problems and each year more than 86,000 amputations are preformed as a direct result of diabetes. Recognizing this problem, Congress approved the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill, helping thousands of persons with diabetes obtain protective footwear and inserts at little or no cost to them.


Persons with the diagnosis of diabetes, whether insulin dependent or not - are eligible for shoes and inserts.


Each calendar year (January 1st to December 31), a person can receive one pair of depth shoes and three pairs of multi density inserts. For example, if a person receives their first pair of shoes in November of 2016, they would be eligible again in January, 2017 to receive another pair and every year thereafter. Depth shoes can be off-the-shelf or custom molded.


All Diabetic footwear and inserts are covered by OSI's acceptable insurances:

     •Medicare Part B

     •Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

     •Blue Cross/Blue Shield



     •Fallon Community Health Care
     •Senior Whole Health

     •Neighborhood Health Plan

     and many more!

•Medicare Part B and BC/BS cover 80%.

•Most people have a secondary insurance to cover the 20% co-payment.

•HPHC, Senior Whole Health and some BC/BS plans cover 100%. Senior Whole Health will pay for shoes for non-diabetics!

•Orthotic Solutions, Inc. is responsible for obtaining Physician orders and all necessary paperwork AND does all of the billing to insurance companies.

Note: If a resident is at a Skilled Nursing Facility on Medicare PART A, the facility is responsible for the cost of the shoes. However, if a resident is going to be discharged, we can fit them at the facility within 48 hours of discharge or we can fit them at home and bill their Medicare Part B.


Free In-Home or Nursing Facility assessments.

•Each person is individually assessed, measured and fitted.

•Upon delivery, 3 pairs of multi-density inserts are heat molded and labeled with the date they should be replaced.

•Delivery is typically 7-10 business days after receipt of all necessary documentation from the MD's office.

These are only a sample of the shoes we offer.

Most come in several colors such as black, white or taupe

and with either velcro or lace closures.

Dr. Zen Footwear



New Yorker


Velcro Sport

Lace Gator

Diabetic Inserts

Velcro Gator

Leather Lace

Work Boot


Velcro Titan

Sport 1

Pedors Footwear

Mary Jane 501


500 Mary Jane

Mary Jane 500

Pedors Footwear

Comfort Street

Spring Street


River Walk

Spring Street

River Walk

Activz Walker



Bloom II

Parade II



Blazer Plus II


Thunder V

Flash V


Force V




Walker II

Easy II



Smart Walker

Vista Walker

Stability Walker

Dress Walker

Village Walker

Sleet Walker

Foot Gauntlet

Foot Gauntlet: Ideal for pain relief from Diabetes, Arthritis and Raynauds DiseaseIdeal for pain relief from Diabetes, Arthritis and Raynaud's Disease, or anyone with chronically "cold feet".
  • Clinically proven to increase surface skin and subcutaneous temperature between 2-3° F, the optimal level to make tendons and muscles more pliable and elastic to provide optimal muscle function

  • The lining is a series of soft spirals that stimulate the skin to help create heat required for healing. The small fibers lift moisture away from the skin while the knitting process holds air inside the pile to allow the skin to ventilate

  • The lining creates a micro climate that allows the skin to ventilate and remain well oxygenated for hours of continuously comfortable wear

  • Has the additional benefit of a Velcro closure for ease of application and adjustable compression

  • Increases elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments to reduce the risk of injury when under stress and strain
CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: I have for the first time in over 12 years been able to sleep at night without getting up to get ice or other treatment for my diabetic neuropathy. I was on my way to Mayo Clinic to see a neurologist about my feet pain and stopped into your store on August 21st. As I left your store, I changed from my shoes and that night at the motel in Jacksonville, I wore the Gauntlets. I slept without the tremendous pain I have become used to and the next day bragged about these gauntlets to the neurologist. I gave him your brochure. Over the past two weeks, I have felt so blessed to have met you and received these new booties. I wear them every evening and all night, and if I am home during the day, sometimes I slip into them. I have washed them and they came out great. I can't say enough good things about these gauntlets and have told many people about them. I work as a Caregiver with geriatrics and have told my patients about this tool.
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Dr Zen



Drew Shoe Women's

Drew Shoe Men's

Propet Women's

Propet  Men's

Dr. Comfort Women's

Dr. Comfort Men's

Aetrex Women's

Aetrex Men's

P.W. Minor Women's

P.W. Minor Men's

MMAR Medical Women's

MMAR Medical Men's


For more information on how to properly take care of your feet, please visit www.foot.com