Orthotics Solutions, Inc. provides high quality, easy-to-use Orthotics, a wide variety of Diabetic Footwear and certain Durable Medical Equipment.
Orthotic Solutions: Knee, Arm, Elbow, Wrist, Hand Orthosis
Diabetic Footwear: Shoes and Inserts
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This is a song about Alzheimer's. This is one reason why I choose to stay in this business...

Song for Molly by Lucy Kaplansky

Pam's old and beaten license plate

2277 State Rd., Cedarville, MA

(above Cedarville Eye, across from Shaw's)

Tough to see, but OSI is the lower left

Friday night, 6:00 pm and still going!

Again, tough to see, but these are

the office windows

The office


Mary Beth giving an in-service at the Plymouth Council on Aging




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